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everything that is underlined will take you somewhere !


All Pronouns

Minor Black Capricorn Sun Gemini Rising Pieces Moon True Neutral ENTP 8 Enneagram

Interests !!

Loves Anime, Manga, Music, Reading, Overwatch, Rdr2, Apex Legends, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Youtube, Video games

Hates Rape Jokes, Sexism, Insulting my comforts,Iignorant beings, Hypersexuality, Sexualizing minors

Dont Interact If

fit basic dfi criteria, 18+, use slurs you can’t reclaim,
pro-ship, believe in “ black washing “, misuse aave

Before You Interact

don’t use “ bestie “ on me, or act like we’re close friends although we’re not. don’t be ignorant that annoys me


Now Playing ... 9 By Willow And SZA

Blue is the emotion, that I'm feeling. Apologies an option, let me hear it. What took you so long to finish your storm son? Not negative, Just different. You wanna go out, I wanna finish living. You wanna get up, When I could just lay all day, with you 2x

STANS/COMFORTS: jotaro kujo, arthur morgan, kiryu kazuma, kakashi hatake, sasuke uchiha, vinny hong, markiplier, kendrick lamar, darryl dixon, glenn rhee, steve lim, ryan bugara,

ANIMANGA: naruto shippuden, deathnote, blue exorcist, souleater, devil man crybaby, one punch man, great pretender, haikyuu, hxh, aot, castlevania, fairy tail, jjba,jjk, csm, tougen anki, bsd